We all have THE Trigger, we are ALL potential killers!

The only way we differ is dependent on what that trigger is!!!

For some it can be a unfortunate part of their job e.g. army, police etc. But for most the trigger would be self protection and protection of loved ones (or even protection of goods or property).

There are also those who snap and kill in a fit or rage or after years or torment/abuse but with no plan or desire to actually end a life.

However for a select few the trigger is very different – these are the people who fascinate me, the people who kill for pleasure….for a compulsion!! Those who think about killing, who plan it, desire it, crave it….who have the “minds of killers'”.

These are the people of our nightmares, who inspire horror movies and who keep us awake at night when we are alone in the dark. These are the ones you think of when you hear that creak on the stairs when in an empty house and when you hear those footsteps behind you when walking alone.

So how and why do they differ from the so called “ordinary” people? Is it something medical, are they born that way or does the world make them like that?

In my blog I want to discuss not only what and how these people killed but WHY! Strange as it seems there are many people who (like me) find these people fascinating, so I decided to reach out to share my thoughts and hear the opinions of other like minded people.

Click on the Blog tab in the menu above (or the archive at the side) to join me in looking into the Minds of Killers to discover……

What makes a murderer???

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